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Air Ambulance

Are Air Ambulances Only for Critical Emergencies?

When an air ambulance is mentioned in the news, it almost always involves a situation in which a person is airlifted to a hospital due to life-threatening injuries. This gives the impression that the only time this form of transport is used is when the situation is dire. In reality, air ambulance companies cover many more medical needs than these.

People with ongoing (chronic) medical conditions often find that the best care is only available at a long distance from their current locations. These patients may need some form of life support, such as oxygen, to remain stable during a trip. Many are too weak to handle the rigors of standard public transportation and are unable to drive. Such patients turn to air ambulance companies to take them to their preferred facilities.

When an air ambulance is hired, it comes with a crew capable of providing either basic or advanced life support. It is also outfitted with all of the necessary machinery, medicines, and other hardware needed to keep a person stable and as comfortable as possible. This makes the aircraft and crew an excellent alternative to attempting a long over-the-road ambulance trip.

Even for people who are ill or otherwise physically compromised, a full air ambulance is not always needed. That's why air ambulance companies like Acute Air Ambulance offer other solutions as well. These include commercial stretcher service, where the company coordinates with a commercial airline to replace rows of seats with a stretcher. Another option is their medical escort service, which is good for medically-stable people who still require travel assistance and medical escorts on commercial flights.

These services are essential for those who need advanced assistance when traveling. They are often the most popular services chosen, even though they aren't often on the news.

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